• Vanessa Gonzalez


Updated: Nov 14, 2019

By definition or by impulse;

Electromagnetism occurs.

Ice; A mirror

Colossus ancient waters,

Frozen epochs.

A behemoth she must climb, the

Odyssey to find herself.

For the reflection is her;

The mirror

Frigid and faux,

Heartless even.

A walking contradiction,

She is led by the sound

Of her rhythmic clumsy heart.

Exhaled steam, and

Heavy boots,

She presses on.

Ancient and preserved;

Hydrogen and oxygen,

The place where past is present.

Attraction she cannot counter,

For Newton's Law states as such.

It overpowers indifference.

Such as she is,

She finds herself.

Her truth embedded in frozen tundra.

I am the (in)significant stardust

My enemies are made of

She is nothingness;

Trace elements, past lives,

Judgement, inorganic nitrogen,



Again, and


Faraway shores,

She travels.

Seeking hidden verities,

Her epiphany she concedes,

years away.


For the pilgrims sake.

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